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New EtherCAT-cable

As of now, ESCHA offers a flexible EtherCAT-cable with yellow outer jacket which guarantees a safe and reliable data transmission according to Cat5e.

ESCHA is well-known for a fast and flexible implementation of current customer requirements to its standard portfolio. Our new EtherCAT-cable with yellow outer jacket is just one of many examples. The use of a yellow cable is particularly mandatory in automobile production, but it is also increasingly recommended in many other applications.

High flexibility and safe data transmission
Our new cable called S1329 guarantees an industry suitable data transmission according to Cat5e and meets the real-time requirements according to IEC 61158. Due to its flexible structure, it is drag-chain suitable and can withstand more than 5 million bending cycles. Different version with M8- (four-pole), M12- (four-pole, D-coded), and RJ45 connectors are available now. Thanks to their UL-certification you can use the new EtherCAT-components without hesitation on the North American Market. Furthermore, we guarantee you the tightness requirements of protection classes IP67 and IP68.

EtherCAT-connectors with yellow cable quality

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