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Entire range for data transmission

In times of IoT, Industry 4.0 and Big Data a fast and especially reliable data transmission becomes more important. As applications become more and more complex, the size of the data packages to be transmitted increases in parallel. The German connectivity specialist ESCHA offers a comprehensive product range that was developed specifically for the transmission of high data rates of up to 10GBit/sec in demanding industrial applications. By offering RJ45-, M8- and M12-connectors, ESCHA has the right solutions for a seamless data transmission from the office level via the control cabinet to the most compact sensor on field level. All connectors have been designed and tested according to current HF-aspects in the company’s own high-frequency test lab. They meet the requirements of the most common Industrial Ethernet protocols and, due to their data transmission reserves, enable a future-proof solution for tomorrow’s networks today.

Connectivity for all applications on field level
Data connectors are used in various applications on field level. These applications can be divided into three groups, having their individual requirements towards connectivity. The first group combines static applications, in which the connectivity is permanently installed. For example on conveyor- and transportation belts or in high-bay warehouses. Therefore, ESCHA has introduced a portfolio with a cost-optimized PVC-cable.

The second group has high demands towards flexibility and robustness of connectors and cables at the same time. This includes drag-chain-applications, such as those typically found in mechanical engineering. For this area ESCHA offers various PUR-cables that can withstand up to three million bending cycles without risk.

The biggest challenges exist in robotic applications. In addition to the drag-chain-properties, the torsion properties of the connectivity are also important in these applications. With connectivity from the «PROFINET robotic» range from ESCHA, data rates of up to 100Mbit/sec can be brought to the tip of a robot arm. The special cable called «S5100» withstands a combined load from horizontal movement (5 million cycles) and torsion (5 million cycles), as required by the industrial standard «Type R». In this way, for example, grippers with intelligent sensors or cameras can be reliably controlled via a Fast Ethernet transmission.

Wiring is the foundation for Industry 4.0
Networks are the backbone of automation and continuously increasing data volumes and transmission speeds can already be observed today. While current industrial communication-networks are still fault-tolerant to a certain extent, production processes – as they are envisaged in Industry 4.0 – can only be implemented using high-quality cabling in the future. Data connectors from ESCHA have been designed according to current HF-aspects and consist of data transmission rates. They enable a future-proof solution already today and form the foundation for the networks of tomorrow.


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