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BoX2 series

Clever connectivity. Add smart functions.


BoX2 is a series of IoT gateways offering clever connectivity and the possibility to add optional smart functions:

  • Share data between PLCs of different makes.
  • Create IoT solutions to store and access data in the cloud.
  • Present data on mobile devices via HTML5 screens and dashboards.
  • Integrate local CODESYS control.
  • Add smart functions such as local data base storage, alarm servers, recipes, reporting, C# scripting, etc.

BoX2 is flexible by nature. Able to adopt different levels of smart connectivity and functionality. At your choice – at whatever stage, you should want to implement it.

BoX2 is easily configured in WARP Engineering Studio where you interconnect machines and IT systems in the cloud. All within a few clicks, live at a real site. Clever and user-friendly. Smart functions are configured via iX software.

When you are looking for clever connectivity in the industrial world, think BoX2.

Available soon.

Share data between machines to optimize operations

BoX2 can make your machines communicate effectively together. Old and new ones. One machine with another. And in complex setups with more machines. Routing key data and utilizing BoX2’s extensive list of communication drivers to all major brands of controllers on the market. Exchanging data with overlying systems in your facility. So you can optimize the overall performance of your operations.

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Create IoT and cloud solutions to provide data for analysis

BoX2 can provide the data you need for analysis, when you want to optimize up-time, overall efficiency, etc. Via communication drivers to all major brands of controllers on the market, BoX2 can access the data hidden in your machines and transfer them through secure IoT connections to the cloud. Add our smart software functions to further refine and structure the data. Ready to be turned into insights.

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Present data on mobile devices via HTML5 screens and dashboards

BoX2 is your perfect platform for HMI and dashboard applications on the go. Keeping you updated with status information and vital data from your facility. Presented in clear interactive graphics. On production trends, alarms and upcoming maintenance. So you can take decisions and corrective measures from anywhere within your facility. Mobile, agile.

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